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Facilitators need on-demand access to training tips, activity collections, design tools and supportive learning community. Join Toolsi to keep your practice fresh!


A Toolsi Lifetime bundle gives you access to all current AND future courses. There are many more courses in the works! You can also purchase courses individually, if you prefer. Join now, Early Adopter pricing will be gone soon. Founding members generously support me as I grow this project.

What's Included

All Toolsi memberships come with tools to support your facilitation practice. These are some examples:

  • Toolsi Live

    Monthly zoom workshops to practices the tools and games and meet other amazing facilitators from around the world.

  • Accessiblity options

    All Toolsi videos include a downloadable pdf transcript, closed caption subtitles, an audio-only version and the capacity to speed up or slow down videos. Subtitles in languages other than English are possible though not included (yet).

  • Activity Chart

    Activities have been rated and categorized into a chart that will help you select the best activities for your group size, your level of experience, the level of risk and the type of impact you want to have.


From Toolsi Users

When You're Stuck!

Dona Nham 任清梅, Artist and Facilitator

Toolsi is a great resource when you are feeling stuck as a facilitator. It is full of wonderful activities and their adjustments with clear instructions and explanations. Whether I want to build from scratch or make some slight changes, it always helps me to see what other possibilities there are and gives me that breath of fresh air that I need sometimes! Thank you Nadia and Toolsi. 💜

Like Nothing Else

Madhu Shukla, Drama and Personal Development Facilitation

If you are a facilitator and are passionate about working in groups and communities sign up on Toolsi and discover how it's emerging. I promise you there is nothing like this yet and there will not be. Nadia is a Master facilitator like none other and here she brings together a platform together a whole global network of facilitators to weave a stunning pattern of learnings.

At My Own Pace!

Frankie McGee, , Facilitator, Coquitlam, Canada

While I have taken in-person facilitation trainings in the past, being able to have access to an ongoing & reflective learning space has been really valuable during COVID, especially while many spaces are moving back to in-person formats. Being able to access the content online and at my own pace when many in-person spaces are unsafe for me currently has been a gift!

Exceptional Support

Lynea Aboumrad, Youth Facilitator

As a fairly new facilitator, Toolsi has been very helpful to have on hand for my programming. Nadia has also personally responded incredibly thoughtfully to my questions. The support has been exceptional.


  • Who is teaching at Toolsi?

    Nadia Chaney has been facilitating for twenty-two years. You can learn more by joining Toolsi Free and watching the intro videos or visiting There are also trusted guest facilitators like Laura June Albert.

  • What is the Adaptagen Community?

    On every video AND on a threaded, searchable communication platform (where you can upload images, audio and video) you can connect with hundreds of Toolsi members from all over the world. All posts are moderated by Nadia.

  • Who is Toolsi intended for?

    Toolsi is intended for intermediate to advanced facilitators who are looking for on-demand access to training tips (its so easy to forget and fall into habits!) a robust activity collection (to keep your designs fresh) and a place to reflect and deepen their own practice.

  • What are the worksheets?

    Worksheets are intended to help you reflect on the learnings from Toolsi. Toolsi is not a method, it is a jumping off place from which you can strengthen and develop your own style. Facilitation is all about authenticity. The worksheets are intended to keep you focused on YOUR work.


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