Toolsi steps in where community arts facilitation training leaves off.

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Have you ever delivered a workshop or event and wished you had your trainer in your pocket? 

Have you ever felt like you needed more time to apply what you learned in training or reflect on your past experiences with a bit of guidance? 

Are you ready to transform your approach to community arts facilitation? 

With Toolsi, you gain access to the wealth of experience and insights Nadia Chaney has gathered over more than two decades of international events, workshops, and trainings.

Having facilitated over 2000 sessions globally since 2002, she brings a unique blend of creativity, clarity, and inclusivity to every course.

Toolsi's Unique Approaches

As an instructor, Nadia shares her insights and experiences from over 20 years of facilitation through:

  • Simplifying complex and intricate concepts (e.g. the strength-based lens, navigating participant resistance, the inner stance of a facilitator) into understandable parts!

  • Bringing the element of meaningful play, imagination, and magic that ANYONE can start incorporating into their practice!

  • Focusing on grounding or discovering YOUR facilitation style, so that you can transform to be the best version of you!

What does Toolsi offer?

  • Video Courses

    Our (ever-expanding) video courses provide a comprehensive learning experience for facilitators, addressing both practical techniques for immediate application within group settings and strategies for inner development to enhance facilitation skills on a deeper level.

  • Games and Activities Toolkit

    Our toolkit offers a comprehensive selection of activities, rated and categorized to suit your specific needs such as group size, type of impact you want to have, and risk level. This will help simplify the decision-making process, ensuring you choose activities tailored to your goals for the group!

  • Community of Global Facilitators

    In every one of us lies a wealth of valuable insights. The Adaptagen Learning Community serves as a gathering place for facilitators from diverse corners of the world. Through our monthly Toolsi LIVE sessions and a dedicated community forum, members gain access to a reservoir of collective experience.

  • The Adaptagen Podcast

    Interviews with incredible facilitators from all over the world AND answers to all your community facilitation questions.

  • Accessibility

    Each of Toolsi's courses are accompanied by transcripts, closed captioning, and audio-only versions, ensuring flexibility in how users engage with the content.

Kind Words from Our Users:

Like Nothing Else

Madhu Shukla, Drama and Personal Development Facilitation

If you are a facilitator and are passionate about working in groups and communities sign up on Toolsi and discover how it's emerging. I promise you there is nothing like this yet and there will not be. Nadia is a Master facilitator like none other and here she brings together a platform together a whole global network of facilitators to weave a stunning pattern of learnings.

When You're Stuck!

Dona Nham 任清梅, Artist and Facilitator

Toolsi is a great resource when you are feeling stuck as a facilitator. It is full of wonderful activities and their adjustments with clear instructions and explanations. Whether I want to build from scratch or make some slight changes, it always helps me to see what other possibilities there are and gives me that breath of fresh air that I need sometimes! Thank you Nadia and Toolsi. 💜

At My Own Pace!

Frankie McGee, Facilitator, Coquitlam, Canada

While I have taken in-person facilitation trainings in the past, being able to have access to an ongoing & reflective learning space has been really valuable during COVID, especially while many spaces are moving back to in-person formats. Being able to access the content online and at my own pace when many in-person spaces are unsafe for me currently has been a gift!

Peer-Learning Opportunities

Paul Wartman, Community Facilitator, Nova Scotia / Mi'kma'ki

A space, a place, to show my shifting face as I learn with peers at an ever-evolving pace. One part of Toolsi that I've really enjoyed are the live sessions on specific topics with peer learning opportunities. Thanks for pulling us together, Nadia/Toolsi!

Toolsi is For All Facilitators

Arindita, Secunderabad - India, Experiential Educator and Trainer

Come to Toolsi for basics, come to Toolsi for depth. Whatever your search may be, you will feel welcome, perhaps the same way I felt. I found anchors to reflect on my being, perhaps you will find it too. I left with questions, but found an alley to go looking for the answers, may be you will find it different shapes and colours.

A Dream!

Gwyn Wansbrough, Online Facilitator & Experience Designer, Creator of Breakthrough Facilitation

Toolsi is what every facilitator dreams of having. Tools, techniques, and facilitation know how and a community of facilitators to share and learn with - all in your pocket! Nadia Chaney is the perfect person to lead the development of Toolsi given her years' of experience leading groups. I have worked in the field of facilitation for 15 years and she is by far one of the most exceptional facilitators I know.

Exceptional Support

Lynea Aboumrad, Youth Facilitator

As a fairly new facilitator, Toolsi has been very helpful to have on hand for my programming. Nadia has also personally responded incredibly thoughtfully to my questions. The support has been exceptional.

All-encompassing Resource

b Wrauley, Toronto, ON, Instructor, Outward Bound

Toolsi is one of the most all-encompassing facilitating resources I've encountered, delivered by one of the best facilitators I've ever encountered.

Toolsi memberships are free for life for all Six Nations facilitators in gratitude for the sustenance of my life as a settler on Algonquin land. Please write to us for more details, at [email protected]!

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